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Last Updated on: 10/16/2015

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Welcome to Crawley’s Cobra. This is the home page of my Cobra build web site. I launched this site 08/05/06.  Up to this point I have been chronicling my pre-Cobra activities along with a Mini-bike rebuild and other family activities.  I ordered my Factory Five MK3.1 complete kit on 07/07/08 so I have overhauled the site to focus on my build now.  This is my first attempt at publishing a web page. I am using Microsoft  Office Publisher 2003 and just winging it as I go. As of 07/05/08 I now have a new URL. I registered www.crawleyscobra.com with GoDaddy and am now utilizing their web hosting. So far this has been pretty cool.

I am going to try to update this site at least once a month ( Try being the key word).


Back Ground:


About Thirty five years ago I first saw the movie Gumball Rally and that is when I was first snake bit. Then about thirty years ago I discovered kit cars, more importantly, I discovered that one could purchase and build their own, “Cobra” kit car, and so a dream was born, and like so many other thousands of us who love all things Cobra, I too dreamt of building my own Cobra some day.

So I started researching Cobra manufacturers around 2006. I had gotten to the point where it was possible to start thinking about really getting one. It has only taken me about 30 years.

I have four primary criteria for selecting one:

             1.) 90” wheel base.

             2.) IRS

             3.) Completeness of kit

             4.) Price vs. quality vs. reputation of manufacturer

I started off with three Cobra manufacturers in mind, they were Hurricane-Motorsports, Factory Five and B&B. Well … after much switching back and forth I have decided to go with Factory Five after all. I really like their frame the best, like I’ve heard said, “It is a work of art”. Here is a link to Factory Five:




Below is a picture from the Shelly Valley site that is similar to how I would like my Cobra to look. Currently my plans are to have two roll bars, front and rear bumpers instead of the jack points, after-market tires and wheels, high back buckets, non-standard steering wheel and gauges. I will be starting my Cobra build as soon as it is delivered. Factory Five gave me a completion date of July 26th. My Factory Five Roadster arrived on 7/30/08.


Check back every now and then to see what I have added.





Crawley's Cobra

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